Geodesic Prayer Dome:

The Light Center Dome is a two-story, white geodesic dome set in the peaceful and quiet mountains of western North Carolina. It sits among 160 acres of woods, streams, and meadows, with hiking trails, and meditation spots. This land is sacred with tremendous energy available for all to enjoy.

Gathering in the Prayer Dome

The Light Center Prayer Dome is open
7 days and week,   24 hours a day
for individual Prayer and Mediation

Prayer and Meditation are central to all that we do at The Light Center.
For over 40 years, prayers have been offered up
in our sacred geodesic prayer dome.

Many who have visited The Light Center over past decades continue to join with us in prayers from where ever they are located.   It doesn’t matter where you Pray/Meditate, it doesn’t matter when you Pray/Meditate, it doesn’t matter who you Pray/Meditate with…… but your life will be transformed when you spend regular time in Prayer and Meditation.

Prayer is Powerful.
Prayer works…
…it’s that simple.

We pray often at The Light Center.    At various times of the week, we have group prayers for the world, the planet, each other, our friends and family, and other special needs in our community, our nation and around the globe.  We encourage you to visit and join us in prayer and meditation whenever you can.

Upcoming Events

COVID19 Notice:

In concern for our community and visitors to the Light Center, along with CDC recommendations for places of public gathering, the Light Center Dome and Lodge will be closed as we monitor the situation and public safety concerns return to normal. 

Please join us for a worldwide prayer for the planet from your home at 8pm EST each night via audio/video conference.

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