Our Geodesic Prayer Dome is open
7 days and week,   
24 hours a day
for individual Prayer and Mediation
with the exception of scheduled Group Prayer Times, and other 
public events and programs which occur in the dome

Prayer and Meditation are central to all that we do at The Light Center.   
For over 40 years, prayers have been offered up
in our sacred geodesic prayer dome.   

Many who have visited The Light Center over past decades continue to join with us in prayers from where ever they are located.   It doesn’t matter where you Pray/Meditate, it doesn’t matter when you Pray/Meditate, it doesn’t matter who you Pray/Meditate with…… but your life will be transformed when you spend regular time in Prayer and Meditation.

Prayer is Powerful.
Prayer works…..
………….it’s that simple.

We pray often at The Light Center.    At various times of the week, we have group prayers for the world, the planet, each other, our friends and family, and other special needs in our community, our nation and around the globe.  We encourage you to visit and join us in prayer and meditation whenever you can.

We will be adding additional Group Prayer Times in the future and our currently scheduled Group Prayer Times are:


Tuesday evenings
at 7:30pm

Wednesday afternoons 
at 2:30pm

While these times are above are specific focused group prayer times, almost every program and event in the dome has a component of prayer or meditation…… an effort to calm, quiet, center ourselves, and an effort to connect with something Higher than ourselves.



On the second Sunday of each month, Leslie Cotney will teach The Effective Prayer from 1pm until 2pm.
The Effective Prayer is a simple 7-step prayer which can be used by individuals to enhance their life and deepen their connection with the Divine.  It has been used by thousands and thousands throughout the world for the past 5 decades.     It’s simple , but powerful, and will change your life when used regularly.

Upcoming Effective Prayer Instruction will occur from 1pm until 2pm on 
April 14    May 19     June 9
July 14   August 11    September 8
October 13   November 10   December 8