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Music from the Dream of Nature with Scott Sheerin

 No gongs or didgeridoos…simply healing sounds from a Master musician who studied ancient healing traditions for over 30 years. The true essence of         healing with sound like you’ve never previously experienced.  

Everything is alive and in relationship. The intention is for participants is to relax, slow down the chatter of mind, and enter into a state of deep listening where the presence of heart can surface, bringing balance to body, mind and spirit.

The journey is to dissolve the dream of separation we all inhabit and step into the bigger dream, of our authentic self, the dream of nature.

Scott Sheerin is a traditional healer and musician. He is a wind player. He will be playing bass flute, alto flute and organic, mystical keyboards. For over thirty years he has been learning the ways of music as medicine, as prayer, and as a way to bring healing and understanding to all our relations.

You tube channel https://youtu.be/BLoIrJYE45U
Bandcamp page for listening. https://scottsheerin.bandcamp.com/

Tickets: Advance $20, at the door $25

Advance Tickets



Jul 16 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
The Light Center Dome


The Light Center Dome
2196 NC Hwy 9 South, Black Mountain, NC 28711


The Light Center

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