Deep within I give thanks for my budding

Christed Self, I expand taking the world within me.

I fill all people with Love and Light.

I fill all of France with Love and Light.

All who are touched by Notre Dame’s fire release their

turmoil, loss, and fear. They are filled with Love and Light.

I give thanks for the first responders who saved so

much of our world’s treasured cathedral and relics.

I give thanks for the first prayer responders.

I give thanks for all the helping hands on all dimensions.

The Creator within me anchors Light and Love in Paris.

A sense of renewal buds, a fire is an opportunity

for purification, regrowth. During this traditional Christian

Holy Week, all commit to rebuilding the cathedral

– a house of prayer – the house of prayer within them.

Through prayer we realize our hearts are cathedrals,

Our planet is a cathedral. As we rebuild Notre Dame,

we rebuild the cathedral within us through Light and Love.

We are One Heart. And, so, it is. Amen.