I am filled with radiant love and gratitude for the

Divine as I ponder our exquisite natural world,

home to a multitude of beautiful species.

Thank you, Divine Oneness, for the plant kingdom.

Thank you for the animal kingdom.

Thank you for the mineral kingdom.

Thank you for the cellular kingdom.

Thank you for the angelic and fairy kingdoms.

Thank you for our natural world that nourishes us.

In giving thanks I expand Love, Light and the

Divine Health through our natural world.

I fill all species of life with Love and Light.

I anchor Love and Light knowing deep within

that all species can coexist in harmony.

Daily, I hold perfect space for the creation of ways of

living that safeguard our planet, Spaceship Earth,

for the Good of All. I pray globally, I act locally.

I aid in anchoring Perfect Harmony on Earth.