As I connect deep within, the Creator within me releases

any unhealthy habits that are not for my highest good.

I release unhealthy use of any substances to Light.

I change unhealthy use to Light. I am filled with Light.

I am a Light Being. I radiate Light throughout my being.

I expand and encompass all beings, radiating Light.

I focus on the Creator within each of us creating Light and

Love within any unhealthy habits we may have.

Any unhealthy substance use is filled with Light and Love.

The Creator within us changes unhealthy habits to Light.

As Light Beings we are filled with Light and Love

We release to Light any craving that nags at our brain.

The Creator fills us with Divine Light that meets our needs;

we are given the helping hands we need.

We are given any helping medicines we need; we are divinely guided.

The Loving Light of the Creator nourishes our minds-brains.

We are healed, empowered as the Light Beings we truly are.

Thank you, God, for making it so.