For over 40 years, The Light Center has encouraged people to put the power of  prayer into practice in their daily lives.

Prayer, Meditation, and Connecting with The Divine transform our lives as individuals and transform our planet for the better.   Countless visitors from across the country and throughout the world have visited the Light Center and found strength, healing, and spiritual upliftment as a result of the prayers and energy which have engulfed this sacred land and’s facilities.

We are excited to expand that effort.

Located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, The Light Center serves a diverse community of visitors from all walks of life and all spiritual paths… from the serious seeker to the merely curious.  We charge no entrance fees to visit our facility and promote no theology or doctrine other than the expansion of Oneness, Love, Light, and Peace through prayer, meditation, and connection to the Divine.

A central feature of The Light Center is our  geodesic Prayer Dome where prayers have been offered, changed, spoken and sung in various forms 365 days a year for almost 40 years.   That adds up to over 14,000 days of prayer and meditation for the Highest Good for people and the planet in this unique geodesic dome.

The Prayer Dome opened in October of 1979 and has been a beacon of Light and Hope and Healing to many.  The dome radiates a special peace and serenity to all who enter.  The spiritual energy of the dome has not waned over the years and it continues to have a positive impact on visitors from far and near and on the world as a whole. 

But time has taken a toll of the physical structure.    After years of settling and shifting, repairs, resealing, and repainting, the existing dome has outlived it’s functional life.   The time has come to replace it with a newer structure, a geodesic dome of similar size and proportions.     The new dome will closely resemble our current dome and will enable us to expand our vision for decades to come..

The replacement of our Geodesic Prayer Dome is part of a larger vision of growth and expansion and greater service to the Highest Good for The Planet and All Humanity. 

To fund this work, we have established The Light Center Renovation Fund to accept donations toward dome replacement and other renovations and expansion.     Your donations are tax deductible but more importantly, your generous contributions will make a positive impact on individuals and the planet.   
The Light Center Renovation Fund is setup under the auspices of our sister non-profit, The World Prayer Endowment Fund.

Be part of  our successful history of empowering individuals to expand their spiritual lives, to connect more deeply with the Divine, and to transform themselves and the world through prayer and mediation.   

Join us in this effort today with a generous donation.

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