God’s Love is entirely different from human love.  God’s Love is never held back.  It is given one hundred percent.  It is one hundred percent everywhere.  It exists in and around people, in and around cockroaches, in and around Earth – in and around everything!

God’s Love does not depend on anything.  It does not increase when one is “good,” nor is it held back when it is not returned.  You can accept it or not.  It is just there.  It just exists.  Divine Love is simply here, in and around everything, all the time.

You are Divine, and therefore you are Divine Love.  Be Divine Love by affirming, “The Light in me gives Divine Love to you and to everything.”  Or, “God in me gives Divine Love to you and to everything.” Or simply, “God in me gives Divine Love.”  The more you practice being Love, the more it becomes a reality.  The reality of Divine Love is that it radiates in all directions from you.  (from Leading a Life of Prayer)