War consciousness keeps man in a retarded condition.  It is a tremendous pollution that pervades the very structure of Earth.  It reaches within the planet to a depth of 3,000 to 4,000 miles.  It’s in every cell and atom.  It’s in the air and in the atmosphere and in one another.  Let’s say that a billion people have been killed in wars since planet Earth began.  In all of these, fear has emanated at the time of death; and this fear of war is everywhere.  The fear of dying and of being killed in war is all around us, and it surrounds Earth. When we die with these emotions, the mass thought becomes powerful and other people get caught in those fear vibrations.

However, we can change all of this.  We can change that fear consciousness to Light.  We can replace war consciousness with Peace, Light, and Love.  We can create Peace within our genes and within our innermost selves.   One way to do it is to say, “The Creator in me creates Light, Love, and Peace throughout my being.  The Creator in me replaces the war consciousness throughout my being with Peace.  The Creator in me replaces the war consciousness around planet Earth and in all peoples of the Earth with Peace.  The Creator in me creates Peace in every atom, every cell, every gene, and every kingdom that exists on planet Earth.”   (from Leading a Life of Prayer)