The living Christ is the new order of man. Declare, ”The Creator in us frees us of our patterning and our concepts of life and of people. We establish a new Divine mission, a new order, a new order of man. Thank you, God, for making it so.”

Get into being this new type of person. You will enjoy life a lot more this way. You will feel more alive than you ever have. You will welcome each moment as the living Christ. You will awaken to the power you really have. It’s fantastic.

Do not make judgments about anyone or anything for any reason. To do so would be to judge God. The biggest freedom from ill-health on planet Earth is to cease making judgments. If you want people to change or live a better life, first, be an example and second, pray for this person: “The Creator in you is doing all things.” Whatever you see is Light. Whomever you see is Light.

If you really get into it, you will see beauty coming back to you in a new way. It is the joy of God to bring these things to you, to make your life more enjoyable.

How can you be caught up in the ways and things of this world when there is Divine order – beauty and wonders far beyond your current ability to understand? Living the Divine way is the only way to live. Declare, “I see the living Christ.” Once you start with that, life begins in a new way. Your body instantly responds and begins to heal itself. You can learn to see inside your own body. The colors and the magnificence inside of it are really great. To see rainbows inside of you is fantastic. You can get caught up with that movie alone for months. It is so fantastic.

Leading a Life of Prayer by Jim Goure, P 14