Dear Light Group,

It can be helpful every once in a while to be reminded of the basics, and I have been drawn recently to the basics Jim Goure taught us about healing.

It was magical being around Jim.  The number of people around him who got healed was extraordinary.  People got healed of mental illnesses as well as physical illnesses.  Some of the cases had been tough ones: cancer, drug dependencies, suicidal tendencies.  They got healed.

Jim said that all of us should heal.  The Christ is in everyone, he said, and therefore the ability to heal is in everyone.

He laid out a path for us to both heal ourselves and heal others.  The starting point was learning to love ourselves.  We put so much energy into judging ourselves: “I’m not good enough.  I have this problem and that problem.  I shouldn’t have done this.  I should have done that.  I’m too fat, and I don’t have enough money.  Or, I’m too thin, and I feel guilty about the money I have.”  On and on go our judgments about ourselves. 

Jim reminded us that we don’t have to be perfect as humans.  No one is.  The only perfection we need concern ourselves with is that of the Divine: “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” – and Jim reminded us that the kingdom of heaven is within each one of us.

With this in mind, the starting point for healing becomes loving ourselves.  That can be accomplished through repetition of a simple statement such as, “I love me.  I love the total me.  I love my body.  I love every aspect of my body.  I love my mind and my emotions.  I love my spirit.  I am Light in operation.  I am fantastic.”  Or you might try a prayer such as, “That which is real in me is the Creator.  That which is perfect in me is the Creator.  I and the Creator are one.  The Creator in me fills my body, mind, my heart, and my soul with Light and Love.”

From there, one can extend healing to others using simple prayers such as, “The Creator in _____________ fills her with Light, heals her, and directs her life to Light.”  Or one can name every part of a person’s body Divine and place it in a bubble of Light: “George’s heart is Divine.  George’s heart is in a bubble of Light.  George’s eyes are Divine. George’s eyes are in a bubble of Light.  George’s throat is Divine.  George’s throat is in a bubble of Light.”

As your spirit expands, you may find yourself wanting to go beyond yourself or another individual.  You can pray that all people with a given condition be healed.  Or you can pray for the healing of the planet. 

The magic is in us, too.  All we have to do is activate it.

Love and Light,