Dear Light Group,

Ramakrishna was one of the great Hindu masters of the 19th century. Although he evidently spent a fair amount of his life in samadhi, in blissful union with the Divine, he could still come down to earth and offer the rest of us practical advice.

One of those pieces of practical advice came when Ramakrishna drew a distinction between the secret sense of superiority that thinks in terms of egotistically helping the world and the true lack of egotism that is expressed in the idea of serving the world. “How dare you talk of helping the world,” he said. “God alone can do that. First you must be made free from all sense of self; then the Divine Mother will give you a task to do.”

What Ramakrishna said reminds me of a passage from the Bible, in the Book of Mark, where a person runs up to Jesus and kneels before him and asks, “Good Master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?” Not a bad question, but notice the concern the individual had for himself. Jesus’ response? “Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one: that is, God.”

Not even Jesus would allow himself to be called good. Jesus knew what Ramakrishna knew: First we must be free of self. Then the Divine will give us a task to do.

One way of looking at Jim Goure’s teachings is that he was trying to get us to leapfrog over the ego, over the sense of self, so we could receive our Divine missions and get about creating GOOD. I suspect that he was frustrated with the degree to which, instead of doing that, we continually drifted back to our personalities, back to feeding our desires, back to protecting our egos.

To help advance us into a state of selflessness, here’s a prayer you might want to try: “Thank you, God, for Ramakrishna and Jesus and Jim Goure and for others who have shown us selfless service. Thank you, God, for freeing me from the bondage of my ego. Thank you, God, for freeing me from my desires, fears, aversions and judgments. Let my spirit be in service of Thy Love, Peace, and Harmony. May Thy Love, Peace, and Harmony fill my being, and may this Love, Peace, and Harmony radiate from the core of my being to everyone and everything. Thank you, God, for Thy Love, Peace, and Harmony filling everyone and everything. Thank you, God, for freeing all of us, that we may continuously be aware of and manifest Thy Love, Peace, and Harmony. Amen.”

Love and Light,