Dear Light Group,

In following a spiritual path, one thing we need to guard against is having a sense of separation. Because we’ve been told that we’re Divine and because we’ve been told that we have a Divine mission, if we’re not careful, this can leave us feeling that, because we’re spiritual, we’re better than others, our lives are more important than others’, we should be accorded more respect and privileges than others.

When we have such feelings, it can be important to go back to basics. At its most fundamental, the spiritual path is about abandoning any sense that we’re special and instead taking delight in acts of kindness and compassion. This can include acts of kindness and compassion towards ourselves.

The starting point for this state of consciousness is simply being present with whatever is – being present, in a non-judgmental way, with whatever is the state of our own minds and emotions and with whatever is the state of the world around us. This requires letting go of our judgments of ourselves, of others, of the weather, of the state of politics – of everything.

In this state of mind, we do not think of ourselves as being above others. In this state of mind, we do not reject the society in which we live.

Instead, we take delight in what is and then work with it. We acknowledge ourselves – our impulses, our cravings, our aversions. At the same time, we let others be. We do not try to change them into our image of what they should be. We no longer follow the impulse to convert others as a means of protecting ourselves against our own insecurities. We simply let people be.

As the impulses slow down, as the mind slows down, as the emotions calm down, we come to know that we are one with all other beings. We are all one and the same. In this mindset, what naturally emerges is a letting go and, at the same time, a renewed dedication to working with all beings. In this mindset, we have renewed vision, energy, generosity, and panoramic awareness. We are free.

To help us move into such a mindset, you might try a prayer such as, “I release all sense of separation to the Light. I release all sense of superiority to the Light. I release all sense of inferiority to the Light. I am here now. The world around me is one of beauty and peace. Everyone and everything is Divine. Everything I experience – in my own consciousness, in that of society, in that of other societies – is a gift that has been given to me to help me advance into the Light. Everyone is in the right place at the right time, doing and saying the right thing for the good of all. Thank you, God, for making it so. Amen.”

Love and Light,