Dear Light Group,

In Jim Goure’s earlier years in North Carolina, his lectures could be more personal and more revealing.  In later years, probably because of the resistance and backlash he experienced, Jim became less personal and more guarded.  

Before becoming more cautious about his public statements, Jim gave a lecture entitled “One World, One God.”  In that lecture, he talked about a trip that he and his wife Diana had taken to Florida.  At the home where they stayed were artifacts from earlier eras of mankind.  These artifacts, according to Jim, allowed beings from prior eras to come through, and they appear to have had quite a gathering, quite a discussion.

From Ancient Egypt came the Egyptian queen Nefertiti and a stream of pharaohs.  Beings associated with the great religions, including Jesus, came through, as did a number of American Indians (“I wish you could have seen the American Indians,” said Jim, “They were fantastic.”).  

A major theme of this conclave was the perils of separation.  We have separated into different religions – Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, Confucianism – as well as secular groupings such as Communism and capitalism.  On an individual level, we have separated ourselves from God: “There is no worship going on on the planet,’ said Jim, “except for maybe a handful of people who really know how to worship the Divine.  Some people break through in prayer and then go back into their world and get caught up in [separation].  And yet, in their prayers, they feel holier [than thou].”

Jim said that we need to break out of separation, break out of the “isms,” and break through to the One, to the one Light.  

He also said, “We need not worship through anyone because worshipping through another was the downfall of this planet.”  He was referring, at least in part, to people worshipping the Sons of God, which ultimately led to the destruction of Lemuria.  

If you would like to break out of the limitations of separation, if you would like a prayer of oneness, you might try this: “The Divine is within me.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within me.  Paradise is within me.  I am one with the Divine, and the Divine is one with me.  There is one God.  There is one world.  There is one God in the hearts and souls of all people.  There is one Light.  In this Light, all humans love each other.  We are one Light, one people worshipping God.  Earth is a Light being.  The whole planet is Divine.  Every place on Earth is holy.  All of creation is Divine.  All of creation is holy.  In this universal Divinity, the Light goes before me, making my path one of Joy and Beauty.  Thank you, God, for making it so.  Amen.”

Love and Light,