Dear Light Group,

One of our tougher challenges as spiritual people is to follow Jesus’ admonition, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”  

We love to judge.  We judge the weather, each other, movie stars, politicians, our cars – you name it, we’ve probably judged it.  It doesn’t matter if the judgment is a positive one.  Jesus didn’t say, “Don’t have negative judgments.”  His was a blanket commandment: “Judge not.”  To reaffirm that blanket nature of his admonition, in the Book of Revelation, he is recorded as having said, “Let the unjust be unjust.  Let the filthy be filthy.  Let the righteous be righteous.  Let the holy be holy.”  Again: don’t judge.  Whether you have positive or negative impressions of people, just let them be.  

It can be easy to see the wisdom of what Jesus said – but hard to follow it.  Why?  Maybe we’re addicted to judging.  Maybe it’s so deeply ingrained in our psyche that it’s virtually impossible to eradicate it.  We humans have been judging for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years.  It’s tough to eradicate such an ingrained habit.

But try we must, or else we are likely to forfeit the kingdom of heaven that has been promised to us.  

There are both direct and indirect methods of achieving a state of non-judgment.  A direct method suggested by Jim Goure was to say, “I see Light.”  Whatever we see, whatever we think about, just say, “I see Light.”  That method definitely works.

Another approach Jim recommended was to create Good in everyone and everything.  That, too, will work.

An indirect approach to releasing judging is to meditate.  True meditation is a process of letting go.  The deeper we go into meditation, the more become detached from our thoughts and emotions, including our judgments.  This can be a slow approach, but it, too, works.  

Let us take the opportunity this Saturday to let go of judging and instead create Good.  A prayer you might want to try would be: “I create Good.  I create Good in everyone and everything.  I see Good in everyone and everything.  I see that Good in my home, my car, my family, my friends, and my work colleagues.  I see that Good in everyone because everyone has been made in the image and likeness of the Divine.  I see that Good in everything because everything has Divine Life.  There is no place that Life is not.  I create Truth.  I create Beauty.  I create Joy.  I create Peace.  Everyone and everything is filled with Truth, Beauty, Joy, and Peace.  Everything exists for the glory of God.  Everything that happens is for the glory of God.  Amen.”

Love and Light,