Dear Light Group,

Sometimes it can be useful to go back to basics. For those of us associated with United Research, going back to basics can mean reminding ourselves of who we are.

In that spirit, I give you these words of Jim Goure:

Everything is Divine. There is no place that God is not. In the deepest part of the ocean, “I Am there,” sayeth the Lord.

So you can never, ever, move out of the heart of God. You can never, ever, move out of that which God is, one hundred percent Divine Love.

You were made in the image and likeness of the Divine. That image and likeness of the Divine is the Light within us or the God-self within us or the Christ-self within us.

Being made in the image and likeness of the Divine means that you are Divine. You are It. Al that is is within You. All that is is You. There is nothing else that exists in the whole universe except You. You are the Divine. Accepting this is all that is required.

Because you are Divine, wherever you are is holy ground. Don’t make any one thing or place greater than anything else. There is only God. Accept reality.

Let go of your desires. The Divine is Life itself. Be Divine and create Life in everyone and everything. Create more Love. Create more Light. So that everyone becomes more Love and more Light.

Be Divine. Every moment of your existence, declare Divinity throughout your beingness. Declare your reality.

To build on the spirit of this message, you might try a prayer such as: “I am One. This One is all that exists. I Am in all things. I Am in all that is. I create more Love in everyone. I speak from deep within, ‘I love you.’ To everyone, to all that is, I speak, ‘I love you.’ And I create Life, abundant Life, in everyone and everything. I expand Divine Good in everyone and everything. All that is is Me, and I love all that is. Amen.”

Love and Light,