Dear Light Group,

With Easter upon us, a billion Christians are focused on the Christ. That much energy concentrated on the spiritual uplifts the whole planet.

We can tune in to this energy and amplify it through our prayers this Saturday.

When Jesus said, “The things I do, you can do and greater,” he was challenging us to become the Christ, which is in all of us. Hearing him say, “The things I do, you can do and greater” makes us strive for the superconscious, for the ability to heal at a distance, for the ability to transform death into life. This state of consciousness is available to all of us. It is a matter of using Jesus’ technique of praying without ceasing.

We can tune in to this Christ by saying silently, “The Christ is now alive and well in me. This Christ in me is whole and complete. The Christ in me is accomplishing my Divine mission, which is for the good of all people.”

Another prayer for declaring the Christ within is: “The Christ in me fills my being with Light and Love. The Christ in me fills everyone with Light and Love. The Christ in all of us is merging us together. We are one Christ. And from this Oneness, the Christ fills Earth with Light and Love. All is one. One Light. One Love. One Peace. One Joy.”

Thank you for allowing this Christ to live and breath and express through you.

May your Easter be a joyous expression of the Christ within you!

Love and Light,