The Light Center Is A Place of Prayer, Meditation,  and Connecting with
The Divine.  
We are dedicated to helping all people expand their awareness 
of their inner Light and to pray more effectively. We believe Prayer and Meditation are powerful and effective tools for transforming our lives and the lives of others , and the planet as a whole.   
Our Mission
To Increase Awareness of the Oneness of All That Is,
by Expanding Light, Peace 
and Unconditional Love.
Our Vision 
To create an environment that supports individual and universal transformation through effective prayer, compassionate education, service and creating Good moment by moment.

We are operated by United Research, an independent 501c3 non-profit; an organization whose sole focus is encouraging and facilitating prayer, meditation, and connecting with the Divine and with the operation of The Light Center.

We hope you are able to visit with us often.
We encourage you to join with us in praying daily for the needs of people and the world at large; and in seeking the Highest Good ……for everyone and everything.