Beauty EverywhereBeauty Everywhere, Marina Raye  $16.00

Marina Ray plays soulful native flutes with the gentle harmony of ocean waves and Humpback Whales in this enchanting journey into the heart of beauty. Dedicated to the healing of the waters. Welcome home to Beauty Everywhere!

Being Peace CDBeing Peace, Marina Raye  $16.00

Marina Raye is world-renowned as the "Feminine Voice of the Native Flute". What makes her original compositions so special is their deeply emotive quality which celebrates the essence of peace and harmony. Marina's music is used by many in the healing professions to invoke a state of tranquility and a sense of closeness to nature.

Circle of CompassionCircle of Compassion, Marina Raye  $16.00

Marina Raye plays soulful Native Flute melodies, joined by Chris Rosser on finger style acoustic guitar. Extraordinary music to soothe, nurture, and heal.

Dance of the RiverDance of the River, Judy Dowdy  $15.00

This CD touches the heart of consciousness and lifts us to it's universal stream.

The Effective PrayerThe Effective Prayer, Mary Lou & Mario $16.00

Mary Lou & Mario use special tuning to bring frequencies directly into the heart for true transformation during this chakra awakening and aligning journey of harmonic light and energy frequencies. Timed to the Light Center’s light room but can experienced anywhere. 

Light MusicLight Music, Richard Shulman  $15.00

Synthesizer music spontaneously composed in the Light Chamber of the United Research Light Center, Black Mountain, NC. “Light Music” can be used to help clear and align the seven major chakras.

Liquid SilkLiquid Silk, Marina Raye  $16.00

Marina Ray plays native flutes with the gentle harmony of nature in this meditative journey into the heart of peace. Silken waves of sound transport you to a world beyond time – a world where the waters run sweet, where life is gentle and hope sparkles in every heart. Welcome home to Liquid Silk

Music of PeaceMusic of Peace, Richard Shulman  $15.00

Solo Piano for inner peace. This piano music reflects a spectrum of feelings arising out of a choice for inner peace. This is the beginning of two decades of work focusing on music created with conscious intent for peace, healing and Divine connection.

Music to Walk the LabyrinthMusic to Walk the Labyrinth, Richard Shulman  $15.00

This  47 minute long synthesizer improvisation was spontaneously composed and performed at a Labyrinth Walk sponsored by the Labyrinth Project of Connecticut Inc. Labyrinths offer an opportunity for walking  mediation and can be seen as metaphors for life. Many find walking the Labyrinth helps them to enter into a natural meditative state. The walking meditation can be used for reflection and problem solving, as well as for spiritual and psychological growth.