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Last updated: 11/14/14

Shamanic Sound Healing,

Shaman and sound therapist Daran Wallman will be using the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, and vocal harmonics balancing and clearing our energy fields, aligning us with the unified field of sacred sound.  Master body worker and healer, Edie Stuber will be guiding us through the chakras bringing us deeper into our own self discovery. Daran & Edie will be leading us through a sound healing experience where we can naturally access our own intuitive wisdom and guidance. Suggested donation: $10. Click here for flyer.

God Consciousness Seminar at Lodge with Mary Nadler
Fee: 125 Love All & Serve All. In this one-day seminar you will receiv blessings to: Embody the Kindness of your True Heart; Experience the Knowledge and Wisdom of your True Self; Open and become the Pure Love that you are to share with All; and Serve Life from a Greater more Expanded Consciousness. For printable flyer, please click here. To reserve a space, contact:

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6th 2:00 – 4:00pm
Mahavatar Babaji’s Kriya Kundalini Yoga with Mary Nadler
Babaji’s Kriya Kundalini Yoga is a scientific art which leads to God Realization.  Originally revived by Mahavatar Babaji a great master from India, Kriya includes a series of pranayama techniques.  Paramahamsa Yogananda, Author of Autobiography of a Yogi, taught that the practice of Kriya Kundalini Yoga can accelerate the natural progression of Divine Consciousness in human beings.  Kriya Yoga is a powerful pranayama technique!  When practiced regularly, Kriya Yoga leads to realization of God.  For more     information contact Mary Nadler at 828-338-0042 or
Click here for flyer.

Winter Solstice Concert with Richard Shulman. 
Winter is the season of outer darkness and Inner Light.  At the time of the Solstice, we will set the tone for the Winter season with music and meditations to delve into and commune with the Inner Light. $15 in Advance (call the Light Center to register at 828-669-6945 or online at www.brownpapertickets).  $20 at Door
Click here for flyer. 

Opening to a New World of Light: New Year's Prayer Celebration with Tully Moss
5 sessions beginning Tuesday at 10 AM and ending at Midnight on Wednesday.
At the Light Center, we’re all for new beginnings.  But we do ours a bit differently.  We start our new beginnings with prayer.  Our objective is to ground whatever we do in the Divine.  You can start your New Year in a fresh, Divinely-inspired way by joining us for the New Year’s Prayer Celebration at the Light Center. Our prayers will be designed to elevate and help center you in the Divine Spirit. The intent of our prayers will be to unravel any knots and remove any blockages that are holding you back from knowing and expressing the Divine that is within you.   
What better way to start the New Year than through prayers that will lift your spirit and accelerate your advancement in the Light!  Come join us for this special Prayer Celebration! Click here for flyer.

DAILY (7 days/week):

The Light Chamber
Meditate with music while surrounded by lights that help balance your energy centers. 35-minutes.

Light Center: Green Lights

The Geodesic Prayer Dome 
The geodesic prayer dome is always open to all for prayer and meditation.

Prayer at The Light Center (12 pm)

The Light Center Dome

Labyrinth (daylight hours)
The labyrinth is located behind the dome.

Trails to Meditaion/Pray Destinations (daylight hours)

Meditate while surrounded by Mother Nature’s love on the Light Center’s 160 acres of woods, streams (Broad River) and meadows. Our trails lead to Meditation Rock, Grandfather Rock, Pagoda Rock, Inspiration Point and The Pond. Please sign our guest register if visiting 10 am-5pm.

The Light Center - Entrance


Prayer for United States and World Conditions 
Group meditation. Held inside the light room, in the dome or at the labyrinth. If unable to come in person, please join us in spirit at 2:30pm every Wednesday. Click here for flyer.


Crystal Bowl Meditations w/Rev. Heidi 
8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13

We cordially invite you to join us… The vibration of the Crystal Singing Bowls resonates with the liquid crystal substance in the cells and throughout the organs of our physical body. As a result, we are able to access the healing centers of the body through sound and vibration. Click here for more information.

Intro to Reiki/Free Reiki Healing Circle
8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13    
After a brief Introduction about Reiki, Reiki Master Teacher Odilia Forlenza will perform a guided Chakra Balancing Meditation followed by each person receiving a mini Reiki Treatment from Odilia and some of her graduates of the N.C. Reiki Training Center. All welcome! Click here to learn more at NC Reiki Education Training Center Click here for flyer.

Vocal Toning for Transformation and Peace 
7/12, 8/9

Experience the transforming power of the soul's voice while co-creating sound using freestyle toning, simple vowels and positive intent during this sacred space toning circle held in the prayer dome. $10 suggested offering. Facilitated by Yvonne Rainbow. Click here to visit Toning for Peace for additional information about Vocal Toning. Click here for flyer.


Dr. Sha's Love Peace Harmony Chant with Blessing 
12:00 PM - By Donation
8/16, 9/20, 10/18, 11/15, 12/20
The frequency and vibration of this song carries: Divine Love, which melts all blockages and transforms all life; Divine Forgiveness, which brings inner joy and inner peace; Divine Compassion, which boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity; Divine Light, which heals, rejuvenates and transforms relationships, finances and every aspect of life. While chanting, guests will receive a blessing from Master Ellen or one of her students. Donation. Click here to visit to learn more.
Click here for the flyer.


Prayer for World Peace 
Group prayer/meditation. Held inside the light chamber, in the prayer dome or at the labyrinth. If unable to come in person, please join us in spirit at 3pm every Sunday. Click here for flyer.

Seven Steps of Effective Prayer
“…I radiate light from my Light Center…” When practiced regularly, the Seven Steps of Effective Prayer will change your life. Teaching and practicing of Light Center founder Jim Goure’s Seven Steps of Effective Prayer will begin the World Peace Prayer / Meditation each 1st Sunday. Facilitated by Jay Goure and Lorna Loveless.